Foot Care Products

Happy Feet


We offer a range of foot care products for purchase at Parkview for you to use at home.  These include both products to treat existing conditions, as well those that help prevent foot problems from occurring.

Our recommended products available for purchase are:

CCS Foot Care Cream or Heel Balm – CCS is a very effective product for dry skin on the feet.  CCS contains urea which is the body’s natural moisturiser and gives super results on dry, cracked skin.
Curanail – this is a nail paint for the treatment of Fungal nails.  It is applied by yourself once a week for approximately 9 – 12 months until the nail has completely grown out.
Lamisil  – for the treatment of Athlete’s Foot.  This is a cream that should be applied to infected areas of the foot until symptoms have disappeared, and can be continued to prevent the fungal infection from recurring.
Silipos Products – these are made from silicone gel and come in a variety of forms.  They aim to protect, cushion and relieve pain in the feet.  Some popular products include metatarsal gel pads to give comfort over the ball of the foot, as well as gel toe separators to help reduce painful Corns between the toes.
Ready–made insoles – we offer a variety of insoles for purchase for a range of common foot problems, including Flat Feet, Plantar fasciitis and Shin Splints.  Popular ranges include those from Vasyli and Salford Insoles.

Products we can recommend which are available for you to order include:

Cosyfeet – Cosyfeet specialise in wide, extra wide and deep footwear.  They are particularly useful for those with swollen feet and those requiring easy fastenings, for example for people with arthritis.  Cosyfeet supply a popular range of socks for those with different foot needs, for example seam – free socks.
Hotter – these are a popular choice of shoe due to their stylish designs which are available in half sizes and extra wide fittings.  They also have the benefit of smooth internal seams so there is no rubbing – this is particularly beneficial to those with diabetes.
Please note that if you require more specialist footwear or care advice we will go to every effort to find out how to help the problem.

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